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The Young-looking Waif Chan and Kevin Yip have hand always hand strong faith in their own personal design style, which they have developed together over the last 10 years and, even if there is ever some disagreement with clients, they always insist on their clients the suitable designs as they know best. The duo have never been willing to follow the crowd, and instead like to use new approaches, new ways of thinking and new materials to create their own creative designs.
Way to Success;Total Commitment
Being passionate about design, the statements that come out of Waif and Kevin’s months are often something about persistence; “Being in this industry, the most important thing is total commitment and insistence.” They said on this occasion. The duo had no design background when they first started out and, with only a basic knowledge of the design concepts, they were soon forced to learn from experience. Kevin recalls, “Whenever there were any difficulties we had to ask other people to overcome the problem ourselves, but we would not let ourselves go on until we found a solution.” This serious working attitude gave them a solid foundation and helped them to better understand the production processes and put theory straight to practice. Their willingness to persist came from their devotion to interior design, and started them on the path that would lead to the establishment of their own business. Kevin added. “If you are employed by someone else there are a lot of restrictions and one is unable to develop one’s own design, but by launching our company, our dreams came true.”
Striving to Better Oneself
Waif and Kevin are enthusiastic about design, but when it comes to competition they are pretty apathetic, and together both agreed that. “We rarely study the design of others, and instead focus our thoughts on our own design with the aim of creating a new distinctive personal space for clients.” They said that after 10 years of designing different spaces, conceptualization and spatial planning now comes naturally for them. Thus, these days they try to improve spaces further by adding new elements to increase the visual effect of spaces. Waif said they prefer more natural, neutral corresponding colors and by combining these with some eye-catching focal points they aim to make spaces more dynamic. They also said they prefer to use more adaptable design elements which have a certain flexibility﹛such ad sofa covers and such﹜to bring alterable variation within a space.
Creating One•s Own Furniture Brand
According to Waif and Kevin their interior design company is now well on track, and their next goal is to establish their own brand. “We want to expand our company into other areas, such as furniture to decoration, they want to help clients choose for themselves, and bring constancy to the overall design.
Together : Start from Zero
When asked about what kind of project they would most like to do, Waif and Kevin said they hope to one day build a detached house on an open plot of land from scratch – administering the interior design as well, of course. The duo regularly read books about architecture and construction, and these books not only inspire their ideas books not only inspire their ideas for interior design but at the same time increase their desire to work on a complete top-to-bottom interior renovation project. Waif thinks that architectural concepts of fully detached houses can be applied to concepts of interior design, and the two can be integrated and perfectly balanced with one another. While the two directors agreed that such an opportunity is rare, they are still hopping to co-design this dream house for a client someday, which is their own shared dream.
Profile :
With over 10 years of experience in interior design, Kevin Yip and Waif Chan specialize in simple and consistent interior design. With the establishment of their co-owned Viz Design, they provide a one-stop home and commercial design service to client – with their unique design style being the main attraction to clients. Since they started they have focused mainly on interior design and decoration projects, tailor-making for comfortable home and working environments for clients. Kevin Yip and Waif Chan attach great value to the relationship with their clients, and over the years they have continually exchanged ideas with clients to better understand their changing needs and provide a better and more improved quality design service very time.
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