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Company category: Design & Build
SPACEPLAN Registration Date 03 - 2017
Established Year 2014
Business Registration 63790248
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Company Profile
PI-CONCEPT is a professional interior design and contracting specialist headquartered in Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality services in order to address client’s needs. Over the years, we have been committed the most comprehensive services and has won numerous adherents. Projects included luxurious residential properties, premium commercial and hospitality projects.

In response to diverse world, our professional team strive to understand the need of customers. Life is boring, hence it is so important to create more interesting things. We believe that great design can be delivered with a deep understanding. From concept draft, design planning, selection of materials, construction, supervision to completion, we would have interaction with our customer. Through this participation, we can reduce any errors and the waste of time.

We will clearly list-out the time required for each stage, the deliverable and costs. (no hidden charges with accurate project lead-time). We will also provide a good maintenance services to ensure the quality and stability of our projects. With our interior experience and expertise, we have successfully built up our reputation in the industry. We will do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers and undertake to serve them professionally.
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