Interim Design
Company category: Design & Build
SPACEPLAN Registration Date 02 - 2017
Established Year 2007
Business Registration 63315505
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Company Profile
Who we are?

Interium is short for Interior Museum. We aim to turn what we touch into art. Established in 2007 with offices in Hong Kong, Interium refines environments and interior spaces through creative designs that offer pleasant experience to our clients.

What we do?

At Interium, quality always comes first. From the aesthetic to the functional, Interium provides clients with relevant interior design. From concept development to site construction, Interium does it all, sculpting unique space through attention to different aspects such as space planning, materials selection, lighting control, color scheme, ergonomic study and furniture design etc.

What we focus?

Interium assigns individual teams to different projects, ensuring that work progresses smoothly. Interium pays attention to the safety of the design, sourcing materials that come from other countries with safety certifications and focusing on the ergonomics of the design.
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-- / 5
0 Reviews

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