BE Architectural Design Studio Limited
Company category: Design & Build
SPACEPLAN Registration Date 02 - 2017
Established Year 2016
Business Registration 66765488-000-10-16-8
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Company Profile
MNOP Design is a Hong Kong-based design firm focuses on interior and architecture design. We, as well, make intelligent transition from architectural language to furniture and everyday object.

Design Uniqueness - we Make No Other Place

We make thoughtful and innovative approach to maximise the potential of all spatial arrangement, giving an unique design to cater different clients’ needs.

No objects are stand alone creature

Space shapes our behavior while we alter space every moment. We aims at locating an equilibrium between space and objects (including the user) that maximizes potential of the environment, creating a dynamic and responsive dialog between social, cultural ,technological conditions of modern life and our unique living behavior. Hence, every object we designed shall be functioned to shape the unique atmosphere for each client.
Buzz Yip
Joyce Chan
Project Coordinator
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